Worlds Greatest Cereal Photographer

Rudolph Musli portrait.

For many people, it takes decades to discover one’s true passion. Some people never find it. But I found mine when I was just nine years old. I was eating a box of Kellog’s Corn Pops when I was suddenly struck by the incredible beauty of the organic structure I was consuming. I knew that very moment that I wanted to dedicate my life to photographing breakfast cereal.

My name is Rudolph Musli, and I consider myself the greatest cereal photographer in the world. I’ve come along ways since my initial start with Kellog’s Corn Pops. In my career, which has spanned nearly five decades, I have photographed everything from the plebeian, populist Kroger Store Brand Nutty Nuggets to the elite and sought after Nature’s Path Organic Crunchy Cereals. I’ve worked with everyone: industry leading behemoths like Post to the new kids on the block, like Bear Naked back in ‘02, before they were cool.

I hope you enjoy ‘getting a taste’ of my work, here on my portfolio website. Be sure to follow me on Twitter, and don’t be intimidated to reach out if you have some cereal that needs photographing.

Remember, together there is no limit to how much we can enlarge to show detail!

Yours truly,

Rudolph Musli


"I am addicted to cereal."
-Summer Sanders

What is your favorite cereal?

Coco Puffs
Rice Krispies
Capt. Crunch